Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks...

I am thankful for pretty ponies. Well, duh.

Even MORE SO, I am thankful for:

-A wonderfully supportive family, through all my academic success and struggles, personal success and struggles (and quirks, including a long-contemplated and very recently announced diet decision.)
-The wonderful opportunities that I have been given by trainers current and past, other boarders, and a wonderful barn owner/manager (y'all know who you are!)
-A wonderful lot lot of friends at school and the barn and overseas (art buddies, barn buddies, y'all know who you are!) who are supportive of my pony quirks, even though they love to poke fun at me haha!
-Lots of puppy love from my two favorite Dals, Shadow and Belle. And Kitty love from my favorite Inky Inkspot, Kitty Kat Mafia Member Angilo, and my favorite Charlotte Cat.
-Wonderful teachers
-The fact I can use other words besides wonderful, like tremendous, amazing, extraordinary, exemplary, superb, magnificent, et fantastique!
-The fact I can watch Harry Potter 7 Part I and not be anxious because I know how it all ends :)
- All things good in this world, and all things that I know will get better, because I will do all I can to make them better.

So Happy Thanksgiving Y'ALL! And make sure you make every day Thanksgiving.

P.S. Texas University ain't got nothing on the Aggies. Just saying.

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  1. Also on my list of thankful fors, you, Bre. You inspire me to want to be better at everything I do. There's always room for improvement; never be complacent or the passion will leave you. These are the things that I take from your view of the big picture. You may not fully understand yourself, yet, but you gots the make-ins of greatness in you. Thanks.

    p.s. - Gig 'em!


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