Monday, November 22, 2010

More Pink. More Greta.


I realized that I have not put up pictures of Greta's sheet-tastic sheet. Because she's being worked harder this year, but not enough to be clipped, I didn't want her to get a woolly mammoth coat. So I got her a sheet when it's too warm for her pink camo blanket (which she got last year!)

So of course, if Greta is to get a sheet, it must be pink. And pink plaid is even better. Although I am kind of bummed out because the front closure flap, even though it has velcro and buckles, the velcro will come undone when she's out in the pasture, and the right flap will fold under so now she has a small blanket rub on her shoulder. And this week-long wait for the danged shoulder sleazy to protect her hair has seem to have taken FOREVER, because now she has a fist sized bald spot! It's too late to return the sheet now though, because of Schneider's not-still-in-package-then-no-return policy. So definitely a size larger next time. But still, it's a really nice sheet and it works! Just silly me ordered Greta Golightly's literal size, 72, and didn't add some extra room, like a 75.

Any solutions so it doesn't fold back? Just in case I ordered the wrong size Sleazy and have to wait another few weeks! I hate the slowness of holiday season shipping.....

But dad-gummit, she has a sheet!!


  1. Maybe Santa Clause reads you blog...

  2. We blanketed the monsters last was -4...I'm ready to move!! I had to pack up all of my monsters spring and fly sheets the other day..i'm quite depressed.
    I love that sheet! oh and I thought about you two yesterday when I was in the tack room. Someone gave me a present...It's a pink plaid halter.
    as for how to keep it from folding...I have no idea. I know a freind of mine sewed the front of her blanket shut so it wouldn't do that and it seemed to work well for her. I heard of another person using duct tape on the inside. lol

  3. If it's a Kensington Pink Plaid with the padded noseband, all I can say is that they are REALLY nice and they will last FOREVER!!! What a wonderful present!!

    I'll think about those ideas for folding. Sewing shut sounds like a good idea haha!


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