Saturday, November 13, 2010

By the way....

In response to several comments questioning my whereabouts, it's all good. Greta's good, we've been riding and finally (FINALLY) learned the concept of more rein = more leg to push her into it (it's not that we couldn't get it, it's just this is the first time I've been taught to do it, THANK YOU MISS L!! I'm LOVING our new trainer!) and other fun stuff like. Did I mention Greta's a smart cookie and she almost has the concept down after two rides?

Also, I found out that Greta has a half brother (through her daddy) in training at Steffen Peters' Stables in San Diego. His name is Peter (ironically). Isn't that cool?

And lastly why I have not been doing Super Cool Blog Postings is because I had this grand idea of taking all college-level classes at the beginning of Senior year! It's tedious, and I began to slack a little bit in favor of my pony, until I realized that it's good grades that will get me into A&M (please, please, pleaseeeeee!) and onto an Animal Science major so I can take care of the pony (and maybe more) forever! So I've been crunching down making sure the grades are good and of course that means no time for Super Cool Blog Posts lately haha.

But rest assured it's all good and maybe, after Government work (haha), reading Hamlet and Sense and Sensibility (yay for an excuse to read Jane Austen! Of course, I might change over to Emma since I've already read the former), and reading about mitosis I will do some Super Cool Blog Posts.

Ah, and RFDTV is on in the background with the Roy Rogers and Trigger show, and then they had an ad about Trigger and Bullet going on display around the country! And I'm sitting here thinking, "I will never stuff my poor animals, because I certainly know that I wouldn't want to be stuffed and left for all the world see."

I just think Trigger and Bullet (or any critter for that matter) lose their appeal when they're dead and stuffed, don't you?

And lastly, I will soon post about our latest addition to the family! I'll give y'all a hint, she's 7 years old and weighs about 1000 pounds....

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  1. Way to Go! All College level courses, huh? Yeah I bet that is tough, I remember those days, falling asleep with a book on my chest...
    Keep up the good work, do what you gotta do, but let us know about you and Greta once in a while. Your blogs are a bright spot in my life and an inspiration.


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