Thursday, October 14, 2010

Steffen Peters, grab your cowboy hat!

Firstly, I will be leaving right after school tomorrow to travel two and a half hours up to McKinney, Texas (near Dallas) to audit a Steffen Peters symposium! I'm very excited. Sadly, though, it means no lesson tomorrow and I shall be Greta-less for two days. TWO. DAYS.

Secondly, I entered a contest a while back for the Race for Education (really good organization that provides scholarships to students going into any and all aspects of the equine industry, and lovingly sponsored by many of the Bluegrass area's prestigious racing stables, considering the organization got their start providing scholarships to student jockeys!) for a t-shirt design for their annual 5K Benefit Run. The winner would receive a $500 scholarship to any college of their choosing. Guess who won this hefty prize?

I got five free tees, and they all shipped in today. The front with some super cool artwork. Not trying to be cocky or anything....

The back with some super cool sponsors, including the Breeders' Cup Foundation and Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital. OCD (Optimal Cartilage Development) Pellets logo is on the sleeve. That will get some looks at school tomorrow!

As you imagine, I was elated when I got the phone call from the organization. I hope for many more oppotunities like this to come in the future! The people there were super nice and helpful and will walk me and my family through the scholarship process (me more than anyone else... as I, well, have issues with all that financial terminology.)

Read the article here!

The lessons will wait until next week. Excitingly, though, I'll be able to take two lessons next week, Wednesday and Friday. It's a first!

Also, I rode Greta last night and firstly, she actually left the round bale for me when I called her (very few horses do that, as I'm sure all of you well know) and was just a saint for anything and everything. I rode her in the covered arena after an outdoor arena streak these past few days. I actually kept my hands over her withers and out of my lap (a bad, recently realized habit of mine) and she did super well! She was chewing and accepting the bit most of the time, and, well, it was just a nice ride! She'll be used as a tacking-up and grooming demonstration pony Tuesday next week for a school club! Even though she has her spooky moments, she is quite the saint on the ground. Bless her.

So, yes, exciting day and an exciting weekend!


  1. Congratulations! That is exciting news, and you did a beautiful job on the art work. Have fun at the clinic!

  2. Way to Go! Incredible design work! I am so impressed. And happy for the financial bonus, too. I love that the organization had a link to your bio, which in of itself is worthy of the highest praise. Outstanding job, Bre. You have every right to be proud of yourself. Once again you have shown that drive, work ethic, and pursuit of perfection in all areas of your life will almost certainly lead to success. You are an example to the youth of America to get off their asses and get after it. WAY. TO. GO!

  3. Nice work! Love the design! I teach seniors here in Maine...I am proud of your efforts and good luck in your educational endeavors in the future! :D

  4. And BTW, where did you find that halter Greta is wearing on your bio page...??? :)

  5. Thank you, all.

    STB Eventer: That WONDERFUL pink plaid halter is yet another WONDERFUL item from SmartPak's Kensington SmartPink collection. It's breakaway, has padding on the noseband, washes up great, and is just all-around wonderful! It runs a tad small though, I think, because Greta normally wears cob-sized head gear (and pony sized leg gear, poor thing!) and the medium was too small. But the large is just right!

  6. Congratulations!! I'm super excited and I'm not even you! The logo is impressive and quite creative. :)

  7. Awesomeness! Congrats on your super win, and also the symposium! I'll also be auditing a clinic this weekend. Hopefully we'll both learn some stuff!

    Nice rides are the best. October seems to be a good month for those...

    Also, when I saw the title of this post, I was like "Is he taking up reining now? WTF?" ROTFL.

  8. Thanks guys!

    @ Meghan: well, if reining were the case, then I would say that Dear Miss Anky has started a new trend!


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