Monday, October 11, 2010

3 Goals.... modified!

Well, scrap that circus idea, though I'm sure Greta would make quite the carnie. As for purple, it'll still be an ongoing process. After our ride today, I looked back on what our most trying moments were, and I realized that they've been that way for a while. So, that all finished my list very quickly:

  1. To improve our canter transitions. I want to be able to have developed such a feel at the trot that I know when to sit and immediately ask for a canter, as Greta's inside leg is coming forward. I want to have developed such a feel at the canter too, so we don't fall into the trot (not like our canter-trot transitions are as drastic of a fall-down as they used to be, but we still fall into the trot haha!)
  2. To be able to maintain contact from a stretch (free walk, stretching trot, etc.) back up to a working frame. Either I'm throwing away the contact when I pick up the reins, or Greta's taken by surprise, or something, but we gotta stay connected. I want to be able to keep that contact and still stay in a pretty frame (through contact comes first before maintaining a frame does, as always!)
  3. To be able to maintain a nice riding position throughout a ride: deep seat, heavy in the thighs and not the stirrups, hands above the withers. I want to be able to keep that basic position and not be stiff in it, I want to still be able to communicate effectively with Der Greters.
  4. (per request) Be the best MUDDER that der Greter could ever wanter!!!

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