Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Riding 10-11-2010


  1. CUTE video! what do you use to edit?
    I have said this forever but i NEED someone to video me riding, the only video i have is my first ride on the monster, and it was on a blackberry so the quailty sucks lol

    again, I loved the vid!

  2. Looks like things are progressing!

    On the halt where you're pointed right at the camera, don't forget to close your leg as you ask for the halt. The halt is actually a forward movement where the horse should step under themselves as they stop, so you need to keep the impulsion coming instead of just asking with the reins. Closing your leg will also help you keep the connection, which you are losing when she puts her head up during the movement.

  3. @goodtimetoreview: Thanks! I use a Flip HD Camera and Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 to edit. The good thing about a Flip is that I can set it up all by myself and record without anybody else, because I normally have nobody to video me either!

  4. @Jen: Firstly, how was coyote huntin'? haha

    I'm trying to figure out that concept of closing my legs without telling her to go forward. I've slowly gotten down sitting deep and tall and gently closing my hands around the reins, but now I'm figuring out the whole closing my legs. I think I usually give TOO much leg, so Greta just does this really slow walk and then slowly halts. Honestly, I really don't know how to utilize my leg as well as I should. But I am going to keep trying!!! Trial and error is the way of the world!!

  5. Awesome video. The editing is great, too! Why not consider a triple major: Art, Cinematography, and Equine Science! I think you are Outstanding in all. Or, take your pick of one, Sky rocket to greatness, and fund the other two as hobbies with your success. You are such an incredible person, I just know you are destined for the top in whatever you choose to do. Now, GO GET 'EM!


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