Saturday, October 16, 2010


This is all I'm going to post tonight, because I am amazingly tired and I just got home from a 4 hour trip (totally miscalculated, as the trip was far from two hours. It's amazing I aced geography class three years ago, hmm?) But I will tell y'all this:

A) It was amazing.

B) Mr. Peters is a very friendly guy, as is his wife.

C) I have yet another nickname. Try "Hotel Girl" LOL.

Really, I'll explain it all soon. But I'm lazy and tired. So toodles!


  1. YOU LUCKY DOG.......oh i hate you!!!
    meeting steffen peters without me!!
    ooohhh the jealousy.....

  2. LOL Well, can I add the fact that I also ate breakfast with him by coincidence b/c we were staying in the same hotel? Imagine looking across the lobby and seeing the equestrian equivalent of Justin Beiber, though far cooler. Not to rub anything in ;)

    Ahhhh, I need to put up the post about the whole darn symposium!! I've been so busy!

  3. ...........oh i hate you

    yeaaahhh today was made of fail.....
    it just kills me because the only trainer around these parts that i would even consider working with is three hours away and Dorothy only comes in the winter and at very strange times, and Evie is all the way in another state. I live in a dressage trailer park....and we're not making much progress >:\

  4. THREE HOURS?! Lawdy! You'll work it out though. India is a talented horse and you're a talented rider. It'll all work out.

  5. yeahh its bad....
    hahah!!! thanks girly :D
    you and ms gretakins got some skillz too ya know ;)


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