Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh, the things you can do... in a week!

Firstly, Greta and I had our first lesson with trainer "New L" (I would say "NL" but the Netherlands doesn't play into any of this.... but we just had an "L", hmmm...... I'll think of something) and I must say that I LOVE her! The first thing she did after watching Greta and I warm up was to point out that I was sitting on my pelvis, not my "seat bones". I thought that I've always sat on my "seat bones". When I posted the trot, instead of landing back on my seat bones and keeping the landing padded, I was landing on my crotch, not hard, but definitely not correct either. My hands are still a bit too quiet and they could stand to be a bit more forward on Greta's neck (I can imagine Greta thinking, "Hmm... she's quiet, too quiet..... OH THERE SHE IS!) and I need to be lighter in my stirrups and heavier in my thighs. She was amazed that I don't pinch with my knees and that I grip with the insides of my thigh when I post.

Her report on Greta (and I was glad to hear this of my Shining Star) was that A) the girl's got a good work ethic even if she can get bossy and distracted sometimes, and B) once I fixed my seat, sat up taller, filled out my sacral area, stayed tall through the transitions, helped her balance with her head, and pretty much improved my position... Greta instantly rounded up beneath me, halted from the trot without star gazing, and overall just turned around. Basically, most of our problems were me! And it's much easier for me to fix myself than it is for me to fix Greta!

New L also had us ride in the outdoor arena, which I mentioned when we had talked previously that the outdoor arena always presented a challenge for Greta's nerves, especially when the cows come home (literally). Yesterday, she said that we would be riding in the outdoor arena and that she "hoped some cows show up!"

So as you can imagine my fear of anything and everything going wrong.

Greta had her spooky moments, especially when the cows came home, but all in all with L's help (I mean New L, but just from here on I'll just say L, deal with it) we worked through them! Yay!

Our next lesson will be a longe line lesson! Because I need it! And I'm quite excited!

But like I was saying, a lot can happen in a week! Greta and rode initially in the outdoor arena Wednesday night with great success, until the cows came home. But even then, I've seen her do worse. We had successful trail rides around the property. Greta trotted over the bridge, quite enthusiastically, like it was no problem. We jumped a small crossrail three times last night and I will say that when Greta jumps, she JUMPS like she's crossing a six foot spread! I was prepared to sit a nice, pretty, little jump. Not like I've EVER had any formal jumping equitation lessons, but I still sat it without hitting her back, though I definitely fell forward on her neck upon being lurched forward! LOL Greta!

Greta also discovered the wonders of being sprayed with sparkle spray after Bre whined that Western riders get all the cool sparkly, blingy stuff and dressage riders just get white and black (and, if we're feeling particularly creative, brown or grey!) and then boarders proceeded to call Greta Golightly "Gredward" and "Greta Go Sparkly" and "Sparkle Pony" and it was all great fun. Greta could care less though, it was just another strange thing sprayed on her body. I was happy though Greta and I could be SPARKLY, too!

All our rides this week were wonderful. And Greta now has a snazzy new black fleece cooler with gold braiding for those CHILLY Texas winters! Her pink plaid sheet will be coming in next week so she doesn't get a winter coat! Because, unlike last year, she's really being worked and a thick winter coat will not help any!

Daily "I follow you like puppy" routine :)

Pretty sunset face :)

Sexy chica! :)

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  1. I love how attentive you are to instruction. Some (I say some, but all that I have experience with) tend to get defensive at first to someone pointing out how they can improve anything that they want to do well and percieve that they are already good at. That is an unusual trait for someone as young as you. DOn't ever lose that!
    As far as the "sparkley" goes, all girls love to look good (even if they are horses) so until the rules say otherwise, bling it up, baby! I'm sure Greta loves the compliments. She seems to like any positive attention. I especially like how she "poses" when there is a camera close by! She is so amazingly Diva. (I'm sure that has nothing to do with an owner that spoils her.)
    I was beginning to wonder if school was getting too much as it had been a long week since your last post. Glad to see that you are still getting in plenty of "seat time" with Miss Golightly. Keep the posts coming, they are a great highlight for me. Thanky.


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