Monday, October 11, 2010

3 Goals

I was asked by my instructor to have 3 goals that I want to fulfill in about 6 months in mind by Friday's lesson. So, I have begun. Number 1 is a for-sure, number 2 and 3 are still in debate:
  1. To improve our canter transitions. I want to be able to have developed such a feel at the trot that I know when to sit and immediately ask for a canter, as Greta's inside leg is coming forward. I want to have developed such a feel at the canter too, so we don't fall into the trot (not like our canter-trot transitions are as drastic of a fall-down as they used to be, but we still fall into the trot haha!)
  2. To teach Greta how to talk, jump through hoops of fire, and do ballet so I can threaten her with sending her off to the circus for misbehavior and actually have some credibility behind my threat.
  3. To rock purple even more than we already do.
Really, I'm so stuck beyond canter transitions.


  1. Great Planning! I like that your goals are so detail oriented; not "I want to do better" vague type of stuff. You should ask a military man about the AAR process, I think it could really be a benefit to you and Greta learning together. (especially if you succeed in teaching Greta to talk).
    What about some Cowboy Action shooting? Do you shoot? It's not dressage, but an awful lot of the females use English saddles and tack so there must be something there. Check out the SASS website for some cool video. I know you'll probably laugh at even the suggestion but hey, an old fart like me was impressed by the rider/horse sync required to basically barrel race with one hand on the reigns and a single action six-gun in the other while in an English saddle!
    I was serious about the AAR process, though. If you know someone who was in the military for a while, they could probably fill you in.
    Keep Sharing this great stuff!

  2. Having goals is really great! YOu might want to go back to your more recent blog posts and see what sort of things you talk most about being frustrated with - I think you'll be able to come up with 2 and 3 pretty easily.

    Because as for #3, I'm sooo not in to purple. ;)


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