Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mayhem and Foolishness

I have been a temporary hiatus - internet-wise that is. Riding has continued as normal, but with school dawning closer and closer - looming over the thousands of children with summer dreams still dancing in their heads like a starving lion going after the youngest antelope.... haha just kidding, I'm actually kind of excited to get things moving along again - I am having to consider some things involving Greta.

  1. Riding - if not in the morning, when? So far, I am thinking that a schedule I want to work out is to go to school, come home, do homework, and ride then go out and ride Greta (or just socialize if I had a pileup of school work... and I know there'll be the few nights where I just can't do it and I have to skip out on the barn. Sorry Greta! Believe me, those few missed days will be worth it when I haul you off to Texas A&M and then to a new, nice, permanent barn when I get that vet job. My mind's set, no problems! Hopefully....)
  2. Instruction - my very close and very good instructor can only teach me so much... we are nearing that point. I want to continue learning, and hopefully we can find an instructor who can either A) come to our barn (really, really hope so!) or B) is in a very close and reasonable proximity and who's barn offers reasonable prices as far as horse boarding (hopefully not this option as Greta loves her Sneaky and I would hate to see her have to get used to a new place all over again.)
Well, that would be a couple of things to consider. Oops.

I'll think on all of that.

But in the meantime, Greta has some new additions to her "wardrobe". First and foremost: a new Wintec 500 Dressage Saddle!! Not the Pro version with the huge and ugly knee rolls that hinder one's ability to be able to move their leg back and forth for certain movements. Just a classic, genuine dressage saddle that will hopefully fit Greta right and me right. And it's synthetic, so me and my laziness don't have to actually oil a saddle. Blasphemy!

My family and a few of the other volunteers from the handicapped riding program (where Greta is being boarded at) went all the way down to Seguin, Texas to go to D&D Tack. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and this tack store defnitely lived up to the name. It was HUGE! I was in hog, err, I mean horse heaven. They did have the saddle I was at the time considering to buy, and I tried it out and I loved it, hence why we bought for a much better price and new online the minute we got home. I will be donating my all-purpose to the riding program. It done good.

We went to the tack store to try and find some nylon headstalls for the lesson horses. They had them in lavender, so of course I got it for der Greters. For just-messing-around riding. It's really pretty!

As for Greta's new crossed noseband... well, the term "horse" meant "full sized" to this company, or they think that a horse who uses a crossed noseband must obviously be a big ass warmblood.

I other words, we're poking some more holes in Greta's noseband. But hey, at least we finally got it!

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