Monday, August 3, 2009

Augusti Goles

August Goals

Inspired by Andrea on Eventing-A-GoGo, I am hoping to keep a monthly list on my blog of riding goals for every month. They should hopefully keep things in check so I don't work on our poor half halts one day and then expect Greta to magically give me a simple lead change the next. I know better!
  1. Continue working staying on the bit. The new, properly-fitting saddle I've almost saved up enough money for should help a lot, as I found the one I have is way too small! I'm sorry Greta! But I also need to work on "pushing her into the bit," as my instructor put it, with my legs. It isn't all the saddle's fault!
  2. Sitting the trot, and posting it. Though I feel I post my trot pretty darn well, I will need to continue using it in schooling no matter how high up I get, and also I'll need to use in competition in training level and first level - I plan to start off Greta at Training level next year (if at that time I feel it would work out) so we can know for sure that the basics are down. You mess up on the basics, and things will be pretty difficult the rest of the way!
  3. Voltes! Once Greta gets trotting it down, I'm going to try canter. Once we have all three gaits in a volte down, I'll work on making them smaller and smaller.
  4. Basic extension and collection of the gaits.
  5. I still resort to flopping my arms around like a chicken occasionally if Greta decides to pick up the pace when I'm sitting the trot. That's a definite no-no!
So there are my Augusti Goles. That's Svenska/Swedish for "August Goals" cuz Greta's a Swedish Warmblood, get it? Eh? Eh? Oh, nevermind..... ;)

My friend (JEM Photography) came out and took some pictures and video of me riding Greta, and also of me turning working girl Greta into My Pretty Pony afterwards. The video is at the top. A few of the pictures are as follows. I love the ones of me walking Greta back to the barn. The riding ones.... well let's just say Greta had some pent up energy from not being ridden for two days and I had been kind of out of the game for two days as well. It just wasn't pretty!

Checking the arena out

Aargh, my posture! Oh, my eyes!!! They burn!!! Well, at least my upper body looks good.

Adjusting the girth. Greta is so patient.

She is picking up her feet nicely.

My favorite picture of me riding Greta!

Free walk. And donkeys.

Walking back to the barn.

Another very pretty shot.

Kusje voor Greters!


  1. I've got to say, I feel completely dumb for not knowing what a volte is. I've never heard that term before! Care to explain? :)

    You and Greta look so happy together. The Wintec 500s really are nice saddles, and the synthetic-ness is awesome, too. They're great for swimming!

  2. A volte is small circle that helps build up the horse's haunches. It's a basic collection exercise. It also helps a horse that wants to go fast slow down and collect themselves up a bit.

    Thanks! Yeah, we would go swimming if there was any water around here! Most of the lakes in Austin are just about done up with this drought and insane heat (and that means something if a Texan says it's too hot of a summer haha!)

  3. Oh, gotcha. I've just never heard them called that :)

    Bleck, heat! I lived in Florida for a large portion of my childhood, and I was completely done with the heat and humidity by the time I moved back to the Midwest. Thank goodness for winter and ponds! <3

    And those pictures are so nice. I really like the ones of you guys walking together, too (:

  4. Well, at least it's a dry heat here. I don't know if I could stand a humid heat. Bleh!

    Yeah, my friend has a really nice Nikon (she keeps changing models, don't know what the heck she has anymore!) and she's been kind enough to come out and take pics at the barn before. And they're good pics. Love em.


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