Sunday, August 16, 2009

Can't you see the resemblence?

Sorry for the recent blog spam, but I just had to laugh at this!

I had the urge to watch The Last Unicorn (one of my favorite animated movies, next to The Lion King) and I couldn't help but notice the similarities between Greta and the unicorn! Can't you see the resemblance?

Even the way they hold their lower lip and everything! LMAO!

You know this a partial joke, right? Just making sure. But they do both kind of hang their lower lip. And they have very bright, expressive eyes. And they're both "white". And they both have long, slender ears. And they're both quite glamorously gorgeous. I just hope Greta doesn't break out into song. I'd be worried then.

I've been thinking of a show name for Greta for next year, and I was really just thinking that "Greta" would be good. But I think "Amalthea" might be really cute too. Ooh, that sounds really good! We'll see when registration time comes in January! We got a ways to go!

Oh, it's just so exciting!

Oh, a quirky question for everyone.... I just have always liked whoever voiced the unicorn. It's perfect. Who do you think would voice your horse if they could talk?

I think Greta would sound like Ashley Greene. Or maybe Ellen Page? I can't decide haha!

Very Important Update: I have decided: Greta would sound like Ashley Greene LOL

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