Friday, August 28, 2009

"Guusje fan, Breanna, from Texas USA trying to pronounce Dutch name "Guus"

I am still cracking up at this. Originally from a video on my YouTube account, and Jolanda got a hold of it, so the fun began! Enjoy my butchering of Guusje's name! Love ya guys!

I am sooooo still laughing.

Ignore the dead-end, nasty hair (got it cut, and totally re-styled!) and the horse-infested room!

Tomorrow Greta moves! Everything's ready, let the fun begin! Also, found out that my PreMed/Clinicals teacher also boards her horse at the new stables. That should be interesting.....

Also, about my earlier post about the record-breaking 89.? % dressage test by Edward Gal and Moorlands Totilas.... I found a much better version and actually heard the music. Pretty epic-sounding stuff. I love it!! He even throws some Pirates of the Caribbean in the canter! I'm such a hypocrite. Enjoy!


  1. Oh my God. I think I drooled a little during the tempi changes. ;__; So beautiful! I keep thinking, "I wish my horse could do that!", but in reality, if my horse /could/ do that, he'd go squirting out from under me while I accidentally cued for 10 different moves simultaneously!

  2. Now this is what kills me about modern dressage - it's all about flashy movers and not about accuracy anymore. As an owner of a mediocre mover I have to fight these people through accuracy all the time! (Not that eventers own flashy dressage horses, but you know, lol) That first halt was AWFUL! These mediums and extensions showed improvement over the other idential freestyle that I saw of him, but it's still a lot of flashy front end and not too much behind. The 1's looked better this time - very crooked in the other test. But that passage-piaffe? Those half passes? Just fab. I am totally going to hire whoever did his music for him for myself if I ever get super rich, it was PERFECT!
    I think when I saw Anky's freestyle in Vegas some years ago, it was an 87%? Can't remember.

  3. Sam: LOL! Oh, don't we all think that when we see the pros ride? What kills me is when I see Greta playing it up in the pasture and doing beautiful extensions and collections and I think "Um... now why don't you do that when I ask you to?" Little turkey.

    Andrea: Hey, thanks for stopping by! Yees, waaaay too true about modern dressage. Ugh! It's beautiful to watch, but I always notice the flapping legs and how the horse doesn't quite get to the rail when he changes directions or what-not or that they don't always go deep into the corners like they are supposed to! Drives me crazy, since amatuers are hounded about it all the time! Shouldn't the pros be doing it too? Yes, great front movements, but didn't see much propelling from the back. Totally backwards. Yikes!

    Still, it was an awesome ride. I wanna do a half-pass like that too lol! Totally made my jaw drop!

    There is a company called EquiChord that is moderately-expensive (wish they were cheaper still) that can totally choreograph or just do the music for a freestyle. Look at their website, I love the "Prosecco's Pirate Treasure" dressage freestyle. Very well-done!


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