Friday, August 21, 2009

Heads up....

Will ride Greta tonight and tomorrow morning we have a lesson. I'll ride her Sunday night and hopefully Monday morning (I'll see how getting school parking permits and a new ID goes). Tuesday I start school! From there on, I'll hopefully ride her in the afternoons, if not just lunge her, if not just hang out and groom her because anyone who has ever gone to high school knows how hectic they like to make the first week. The world of academia is a strange one indeed.

If you hear nothing from me until next Saturday the 29th (when Greta gets to go to the new stables!) then do not fret - not that I think any of you will. I love y'all but I got a life too heehee!

Until then, my "going away" shopping continues. I'm really tempted to get the brushes off of SmartPak: you can get your horse's name lazer-cut onto the handle! Oooh, it's so tempting! But so expensive.... hmm, that's horses for ya.

And until until then, enjoy some killer cross-country vids of my friend's new horse, Pepo!

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