Sunday, February 12, 2012

In response... jenj thinking that I think she and her family and friends are crazy: no, I think you guys are completely sane. Afterall, you did feed me. I think as a "starving" college student I'm going to be good for the next week.

To further enforce the sanity clause, let's recount today's would-be-jousting events:

We drove north to the other side of Austin for jousting practice, all bundled up, Wee Reddums and Saga Munster in trailer, got there, chatted for a few minutes, and then come outside to get the ponies ready and... IT WAS SNOWING!

So we headed back home before conditions got too bad for hauling a trailer. So much for that! BUT WE GOT TO SEE SNOW! THIS IS THE CLOSEST WE WILL EVER GET TO WINTER! So, us running around with a horse trailer in a "wintery mix" does NOT help the sanity clause.

So, because the conditions were fine on the southern side of Austin, we saddled up the pony and went for a ride in the neighborhood. By the way, riding up and down the street in armor on a Saga Munster does NOT help the sanity clause.
Once again, jenj's husband riding down the road in a medieval saddle and armor... completely normal.

OMG... a Wee Reddums! My ride. He was awesome.

The gang, with me lagging behind to get the picture. We were an odd bunch. Definitely not helping the sanity clause. Note the lance in S's hand. That sucker is heavy by the way. I tried. Not a good idea.

Another fantastic picture of normalcy: riding down the road in a suit of armor. Need I reiterate how this does not help the sanity clause?

Well... I guess your guys are kind of crazy. But in a good way. I swear.


  1. Hand the camera off once in a while so we can see more pictures of the Wonderhorse and her beautful rider!

  2. That's "Reddums the Feerless War Pony." I won't tell him that you called him "Wee Reddums." We cannot offend His Fierceness, now, can we?

    As to being mildly crazy... well, only a little bit. ;)


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