Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Greta's New Outfit

These were actually taken several weeks ago, but due to technological issues I did not get them uploaded until today :)

Anyway, Greta's old pink camo blanket was starting to fall apart (we seriously had to patch up several holes each winter, and she's not rough on her blankets at all) and look a wee bit tacky and gave her horrible shoulder rubs, so I figured I would spend the money to get her something nice that would last forever and NOT rub off her hair. Granted, I didn't end up spending that much money because Dover was having a sale on Horsewear blankets, and Greta could fit in the Amigo! I love this color on her, so glad I did not get the brick red. Maybe blue should be her new color....

Granted, she has only needed to use it twice this winter, since it has been so mild. It's a rare instance I need to wear more than a light jacket, if that!

Anyway... meet her new blanket (and her awkward looks... hahahahaha! Gotta love her!)


  1. Her new rug looks really nice on her :)

  2. How come horses in the US don't tend to wear combos? Everyone here uses them (Australia) and the weather is far more mild during winter.

    Anyway, just a trend I noticed!

    1. Y'know... I don't really know why. I guess since A) Greta is not clipped (most of my friends with clipped horses will get a neck cover, but just as many don't, and that's even in Ireland and the UK and a friend in Germany!) and B) the majority of their body warmth comes from the barrel of their body... I personally don't feel the need to buy one? But I really don't know why that is haha!

  3. The color looks great on her!
    Pinecone got a new blanket for Christmas but I've only put it on him for a few days when the temperature dipped down into the -30's. Other than than that he's been naked because we've had such a mild winter! Thi week is in the upper 30's and it feels like a heat wave!

  4. I have the same one...! And another in red...great rugs!


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