Saturday, April 9, 2011

Within Ear Shot

It's amazing to believe that within a few months we have gone from stiff and star-gazing to relaxed and - can it be? - floppy-eared! After several training speedbumps within that past two years (some self-inflicted and others just due to lack of knowledge, not to say that I'm incredibly knowledgeable now!) we have finally found the right trainer and program and state of mind for us, and it reflects. Greta can get almost round and "gracefully bouncy" on quite a loose rein, and I can post without stirrups and direct her with very little rein (a safety clutch I still fight to literally let go of!) Not mention her topline is looking lovely (the roached mane accents it!!)

So, I present to you, minus the first cute picture, my pony's relaxed, ready, listening state of mind from her back: the way her ears look most of our rides. Also, the two pictures of her sniffing my foot: she will turn around to look at me if we've been standing for more than a "halt at X" moment, as if to say, "We got places to go! You ready? Huh, huh, huh, huh?"


Comments are greatly appreciated and, most importantly, Greta loves you for commenting ♥

Thanks guys!