Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ramaker Schooling Show Pictures Set I

I'm still waiting for JEM's pictures, but here are some from barn buddies Kaitlyn and Karen (the ones of Greta and I, at least haha.) Thanks guys!

Waiting on the sidelines for our turn. There was quite the turnout!

Ashlee on Divine Comedy and Greta Golightly and I before heading into the W/T class (she got first, most deserving, and y'know, for those two only working together for a month now one would think they'd been at this for a while, they looked liked seasoned pros!)

Lined up waiting for placings in the W/T class

A little bit more rein than needed, my first reaction for when she gets speedy (oops!) Although I've been much better about forward hands.

Yay for saving up money for new boots!

Check out that canter!!!

After receiving a ribbon (and a super cool pink thermos - hand picked for us by the judge haha)

Lined up for placings (and Greta posing, per usual)

A bit downhill, but this was right before I was about to get into two-point to get off her back. Until her back gets stronger, if I don't do that, then she'll pick up a bit more speed and get quite downhill haha! She doesn't find it very comfortable!

Being asked to rein back.

She was overbent a lot, but that was partly my fault and partly because she was a bit tense!

Yay, ribbons!

This was actually before we got the ribbon haha.

I love this photo. We look so focused and regal ;)

A little overbent, but you can see I was trying to balance her. What a good girl.

Ashlee and Dante, Greta and I in the back (Greta has such a long, forward stride we passed people several times going around the arena haha!)

Beastin' about. At what gait this is I do not know haha. I want to say the trot, because she always does well at the trot. This is how she looked in between the bouts of headshaking, just to show she was really trying haha!


  1. Very nice! I'm glad the show was such a success!

  2. Go Greta!! yall look awesome!!!
    may i critque a little bit??
    i'm not sure if this is you or the saddle but in most of the pictures your leg has slipped forward putting you in a water ski position, when you ride that far back you throw the horse out of balance causing them to move downhill because your not in control of every step and your not able to influence her when she does fall down, because in order to influence the horse you have to be on top of the wave of energy

  3. I do have a tendency to get behind the motion sometimes (and it ticks Greta off so she'll speed up and get downhill haha) and also she was very tense in the back that day (partly due to whatever discomfort is causing the headshaking and partly due to the stress of the show) so she could get very hard to sit and settle in on sometimes, no matter how much I engaged my legs. I suppose I've become used to a soft back! But yes, I do get behind the motion sometimes haha!


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