Saturday, April 16, 2011

First Show of the Year!!


In W/T and W/T/C equitation, out of a class of four in the former and five in the latter haha! I was very surprised we did as well as we did. Greta has been having some serious headshaking problems. I strongly believe it's something in her left ear. Like most headshaking, it only occurs during stress (like that of exercising or the stress of the show today) and it has only occured within the past two weeks, gradually getting worse. So...... it'll be figured out with the consultation of professionals, like trainer and vet :)

In the meantime, Greta did have some very good moments today. She had some lovely trot moments, and she had a the loveliest down transition from the canter, light as a feather, super collected, followed by more headshaking haha. Unfortunately, the photographer and trainers and judges had a butt shot of it because we were going away from them. Oh, well. I felt it! She was really trying to be good, bless her.

I'll be getting the awesome photos from our favorite photographer, JEM, soon, so be tuned in for those! And we'll also be getting some from a barn buddy!

Very happy and eager to figure out why Miss Greta wants to try and one-up Willow Smith ("I whip my hair back and forth!"). Poor thing, she's such a good girl!


Comments are greatly appreciated and, most importantly, Greta loves you for commenting ♥

Thanks guys!