Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Saddle

I just realized I never put up pictures of the new saddle that we've been riding in for almost two months now! It's a Prestige Andrea Palladio dressage saddle, and dang it's fine! It may be hard to tell from the pictures, but it's a very pretty, very rich dark chocolate color. That dark havana color looks really nice on her, plus it frees up her back (she does NOT like the typical pointy gussets on her back) and her shoulders. We will have a potentially new matching Camelot bridle coming in soon (I say potentially because I am hoping a QH-sized bridle will fit her, and I really do not want to spend the money on a semi-custom bridle for her part-QH cheeks haha!) so that will complete the outfit. I like her Equi-Touch girth, and it's hard to tell it's not brown, and I'm not going to get a brown girth if it's not needed. Even if one can tell the color difference, I really don't care because Miss Greta likes it, and girths are one area where I will not get matchy-matchy and I will actually stay practical! Also, enjoy a picture of our new show pad (although I've been using it for regular riding as well, yay SmartPak brand!)

Speaking of which, we have our first show of the year at our barn next Saturday!

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  1. OMG soooo purdy!!
    loving the brown on ms Greta ;)


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