Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quote of the Day - Phoebe Buckley

"....if you take away what they naturally are, it creates more problems than actually just working with what they are."

-Phoebe Buckley in this YouTube video

I have discovered the wonderful "non-horsey background to CCI****" (as she put in on her website) Phoebe Buckley through Behind the Bit and I must say she is now added to my list of favorite equestrians. She's very honest, and I along with what I am sure are many other Amatuer equestrians can relate to her because she had to work her way up with a small budget (as far as horses go) and a big dream. Not to mention she sounds like a good horseperson and she is a pretty good rider. She updates her website and YouTube channel a lot (which both fans and sponsors like!) and the commentaries, explanations, and critique she has on her videos is very informative. Go check her out!


  1. I like her detailed and down-to-earth commentaries and along with her accent, she is really fun to listen to and watch. She is one seriously good rider.

  2. I saw that post too and went and checked out some of her other videos. Great stuff!


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