Thursday, August 4, 2011

Updates on Greta's New Place

No pictures of our fun times yet, sorry! BUT Greta is settling in quite nicely, and after a very tense walk-only-and-let-me-show-you-around-the-arena ride on Tuesday (she was well behaved, but she was so tense about it the new place that it felt you I was sitting in a canoe or something haha!) we had a lovely ride today. She also got turned out into her new-new digs in a great-for-her-hoofies, oak-covered, two-nice-shelters pasture with four other mares. It was pretty anti-climatic, as Greta just minded her own business and they minded theirs. She will come in if the weather becomes bad, but seeing as we are not predicted to have rain at all this winter and into next year (no bueno!) then that probably will not happen. Ever.

But she seemed pretty happy, and I love the group of riders out there, and the place is just the perfect compliment to our experience at the old barn! Very happy! Will get pictures of us riding or something of that like soon (free jumping anyone?)


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Thanks guys!