Wednesday, August 31, 2011

May the odds be ever in your favor...

Sorry, I'm just geeking out about the new Hunger Games movie. Much better than watching re-runs of Jersey Shore with the roommate haha! Somebody please name their next gutsy eventing mare Katniss! For me? Anyway, if you have not read the books, then shame on you. They're excellent.

AND another book I want to shout out about is The Eighty-Dollar Champion: Snowman, the Horse that Inspired a Nation. It reads very much like Seabiscuit and not like a Saddle Club novel haha! It's a very good book. I smell yet another horsey movie in the future!

Speaking of movies, my new favorites are The Queen (a few years old, but just now saw and loved it) and the newest Jane Eyre movie with Mia Wasikowska. It's very well done and wonderfully romantic, and gave me the same feel as the book. Kudos.

And now... pictures from this morning of Greta and I jumping up to about a foot! She is the BOMB!

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