Friday, August 12, 2011

Beach Polo with RL

"Though the sand hastens the pace of play, it also allows for the ponies to exhibit one of their most spectacular traits: agility. "It's a test of stamina and strength, requiring you to take your strongest horses and rewarding the best riders," says [Jack Kidd, captain of the English squad]. "The smaller pitch makes for a more physical game and a lot more contact."

I had never heard of this before, much less of England having warm beaches to play on! But most of all, imagine that stamina that must take on behalf of the horses! For any of you who have ever played beach volleyball as compared to arena volleyball, you know what I mean. Sand can be a brutal workout. Even on Sandbanks Beach.

Click on the pictures for a link to the article by ESPN writer Morty Ain. Photos by Lee Collier.

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