Thursday, August 11, 2011


In this past week, and definitely into next, I am transitioning quite literally into college life, even though I have not moved in yet myself haha! Poor Greta was being ridden parctically every day of the week this summer with a day off each week, and then she moved and I went job hunting and got a great job with great people (a few horse people, too!) and my favorite brand (yay!) and have only been able to ride her four times haha! She has now been moved into a relatively large paddock that is built on a hillslope and has rocky ground (yes! Her hoofies will love this!) and since there is no roundbale (fed great hay three times a day) then she doesn't have the opportunity to simply sit in a stall for half of the day and then around a roundbale for the other half. She has four other older mares with her, no fighting from the start, and Greta likes to take care of the oldest mare. It's terribly sweet.

When I did ride her, we've been focusing a lot on straightness, and she has improved in that field. Her biggest challenge is 20 meter circles at the canter, as it's a much tighter circle for her and requires a lot more bum-work! There's a big jumping arena next to the dressage arena, and I like to warm Greta up on a loose rein in all three gaits there, and that helps a lot. AND There's about a two mile stretch of rocky road that runs adjacent to the property that we're allowed to ride on, and it's on an incline! Conditioning area FTW. We're going to have a blast!

Thankfully, once school starts I will be closer to both the five-minutes-away job (driving an hour and a half to get there, but I knew it would it be for less than two weeks, so I said I would take it!) and the thirty-minutes-away stable so life will be so much easier after Wednesday!

Ah, being a big girl is going to be interesting! Seeing Greta tomorrow, maybe I will finally get video of us running around wild since I actually charged the camera?

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