Saturday, January 22, 2011

Updates for this week

Firstly, this has been a crazy week, in a good way (as far as continuing the senior year process and fighting the infamous "senioritis", oh and reading Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolfe AND Emma AND Jane Eyre at the same time, which is another story in itself, pun intended) and in a bad way. (Please pray for the other three boys!)

I was only able to make it out on Monday and Tuesday, Monday to ride (quite well) and Tuesday to groom and make pretty pony look, well, pretty again. Clipped her fetlocks, jaw, ears, and throatlatch. I've decided to stop clipping her whiskers on her muzzle (I always leave the eye whiskers intact) because I have always felt guilty snipping them off, and thanks to a SWANA membership discount card that was sent out showing a stunning SWB named Rohan all braided and clipped up WITH whiskers, I realized that it can look aesthetically pleasing!

I also rode said pretty pony along the road (well, a safe distance away, about 20 yards!) to work on strightness (open field, no fences to lean on!) and overall focusing, and seriously, 3 people slowed down in their cars to take pictures with their phone! I'm flattered and all, but I had to chuckle because A) we weren't doing anything spectacular, just walking, and B) Has nobody EVER seen someone ride a horse before? LOL

Another lady rolled down her window and called out that Greta was "beautiful". I called out thanks and waved. O Greta! Loved by all!

Will ride tomorrow, and we have a lesson Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Hopefully next week will be less chaotic, or I'll make time to ride, after schoolwork of course. I'm considering it all as practice for college :)


  1. Hey wat a cool little blog u have !! i enjoyed reading it, i have only just found it.

    im origanlly from texas bt now i live on the other side of the world...i love my dresge too

    but at the moment i breaking in wild horses

    please check out my blog

  2. I think leaving her whiskers is a wonderful thing for you to do :)


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