Saturday, January 22, 2011

Anybody want a TB? ;)

If nothing else, get the word out about her! She is by Jones Hall! (Hunter horses aren't my favorite types of conformation, I like me some flat-backed-open-shoulder dressage warmbloods, but he's nice!) She not a beginner's horse, and she weaves when in her stall, so would probably do wonderfully in a pasture. She is such a cute jumper and does lovely dressage if given a patient, persistent, and very gentle rider. (If nothing else, she could probably instill that in a rider who could use it haha!) I do not know if the sore back could be alleviated or not (I will keep my opinions to myself).

She's right across the barn aisle from Greta, so I would like to say I know her for the most part, and she's a sweetie (but of course she can have her mare-ish moments, don't they all?) but because she's being offered for free, I would really HATE to see her get in the wrong hands!

Also she is chestnut, and she's a mare, so that might sum it all up right there ;)

But to be honest, she is really lovely and I just want to make she's given a chance!


  1. Nothing drives me nuts like a horse who weaves. Ick. Hope she finds a happy home where she can live outside!

  2. Yes, it drives me nuts too, almost as much as being given away for free! I hope she finds a happy home as well!


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