Sunday, January 2, 2011


Firstly, most of the swelling (thankfully it's fluid-y edema and not firm swelling) has gone down for Miss Greta, and I'm going to turn her out tomorrow, since walking around brings it down a lot. I handwalked her three times today, and each time it seemed to help. She's still not lame, thankfully, but it still swollen and tender to the touch. Now, as for AFTER this clears up:

I plan on 2011 being about the same as 2010. No shows (aka "no time and not ready") but hopefully with consistent training we'll still be able to work our way up into (MY GOD) training level, maybe even first level, before Greta and I haul off to college during mid to late summer. And definitely I have found boarding places for two of the potential locales (not for Tarleton State, but for Texas A&M and Texas State) that either have a dressage trainer or I can have on come in or can haul Greta off to. Of course, being on a college budget, I imagine lessons will maybe only happen once a month, if we're lucky. Which is why I want to get as strong of a foundation as possible, so I can train Greta by myself in between occasional lessons. But beyond that:

  1. I started something of a strict fitness program in the middle of summer, but of course once school started than it was a lot harder to keep that up, and it was tossed aside by mid-August. I want to see if I can start that up this year, somehow, so Greta can start building the topline she needs to keep trucking along.
  2. I want to try and go on more trail rides. They're just fun.
  3. Work on trailering. My trainer said she'd be glad to help me with that, and barn owner has always been willing to let us borrow her trailer. It'll be nice to work on this!
  4. After vet and farrier approval, maybe learn how to jump, because Greta LOVES it.
That about sums it up. As for non-horsey stuff, besides getting into college:
  1. I want to give back more. I have found some ways I can donate artwork for Fair Trade t-shirt designs, and I want to try and do something for Fair Trade and animal rescue efforts, and I've always thought about selling prints for a cause. I used to rehab, foster, and adopt out equines through Habitat for Horses and Bluebonnet Equine Rescue for almost seven years, but I haven't done that for almost three years now, and the lack of volunteering is starting to get to me I suppose. I live in Austin, TX, for God's sake, the most liberal part of Texas, chuck full of non-profits and benefit events. I should be able to do something.
  2. I want to broaden my riding horizon. If I get into Texas State (crossing my fingers) then I can join their IHSA team, which I'm sure will accomplish that goal very quickly! The big thing is TIME. I really hate school someTIMEs.


  1. It is really hard to find time to ride in college, but trust me, it is the only thing that keeps me sane. I didn't have my horse for a whole year, and it was HORRID. Def. be grateful just to have her there! Sometimes (usually during exams) I'll just go to the barn and watch Yankee eat his hay or hop on bareback and go for a trail ride and he always makes me feel better. Good luck with the getting into the schools you want :)

  2. Why don't you give back to an Equitherapy Place? I volunteered more hours than I can count and just found one here! They are non-profit and could always use a willing, talented artist! Sadly, I had to take down the COOL intro. you made us, since I moved to Florida! :( You and Greta are coming along! COOL AS! Maybe you can join the Equestrian Team at college?

  3. haha actually where I did the foster and rehab of those horses was also an equine therapy program. I volunteered tons there for seven years as well, teaching children (and adults), caring for the horses, helping upkeep the land and facilities, and I donated some artwork. Greta was first kept there for a few months before we had to move on.

    There is another one in the area, but the time required just to become certified to be an assistant is incredible, even if you know enough about horses. It was 7 weeks I believe, last time I checked. I don't have that kind of time :(

    Yes, I definitely plan on trying out for the team at college, or becoming a working student, one of the two (but probably not both!)

  4. Seven weeks? To be a horse handler or side walker? Triple H in Pipe Creek Texas was like five hours, and they kinda let my horse handler training slide... they are a premier facility too! I am looking forward to checking the one out here, but in seven weeks I would just take the instructor course and be done with it! YOWZA! Either way, working student or team, you will be sure to learn a TON! :) Good for you! Wow, you cut your hair!! I like!


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