Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ladies and bits... please take a seat

Yeah, so Greta had her teeth floated today! And bless her heart, she almost acts like she's relearning how to chew. The vet let me feel her teeth before and after, and I have to ask: Good God how long has it been?! They were bad. But it was all worth it in the end.

The little pill needed three shots throughout the entire procedure. It's not that she was bad, but she sweat it all very quickly and then let the vet know what-for with loud growling noises! We tried to push it before we realized we needed one more cc of sedative, because she took her head away from the vet and sat back into the back of the stocks! That was the worst of her fits, and the only one, really. It was cute, in an obnoxious way! She was absolutely sweet Miss Greta once the procedure was over and she way totally conscious again. Love ya, Greta!

Now, as for something the vet also did and I was a bit leery about (I wanted to tell him no, but I thought that I might sound rude, until I later realized that I am the one responsible for Greta's needs until she magically learns how to talk) was a little thing called a "bit seat". He rounded off the corners of the very front molars that way the bit will not hit them and will rest comfortably. My thought: the bit shouldn't be going back that far anyway! If it is then you're bridle is too tight! Am I wrong? Because I had to stick my finger a ways back to feel the front of her molars. After it had all been done, I felt like such an idiot for not just saying "no". I tend to do stupid stuff like that in situation situations. Like when I got rear-ended (I said it was my fault, I stopped too fast, and no information was exchanged. My God, what was I thinking?)

But it won't hurt her. So what am I complaining about?

Do not get me wrong: the vet did an overall amazing job. I was very pleased with how the procedure went and with the results.

Anyway... pictures!


  1. Never question your ability! You're just still learning! And in my opinion, from reading your posts, you are a very intelligent gal. Everyone has times where they wish they would have handled a situation differently. But ya learn from it and move on. And anyway, you didn't necessarily handle that wrong. I'm sure you were caught off guard. Although that is a little frustrating...he should have told you before hand that there was going to be an additional cost for that service. Seems a little sneaky. Hmmm...

  2. Thank you, really. Perhaps I just want to grow up too fast haha! I should have taken the initiative to ask though lol. Nonetheless, the vet did an overall amazing job. And the bit seat won't hurt her at all. He is a very good vet, and hopefully I might be interning under him soon.


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