Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Paper Trail

Well, more like a paper black hole! I'm going through all of Greta's papers (scattered allover my desk, eep!) so we can do a transfer of ownership (apparently you can get in big trouble at certain shows if you are not recorded as the owner on the horse's papers) and I have found a big paper hole on her registration papers. The original breeder/owner is on the front, and the next two on the back. The lady we bought Greta from is not on there, but we do have a legitimate bill of sale. Hopefully the Swedish Warmblood Association of North America (SWANA) can help us out with that....

But in the meantime, I found out that Greta had been evaluated! How cool! There's no date, so I don't know when, but I'm assuming she was foal or yearling at the time. I'm still geeking out over this, even though I don't know what's good and what isn't. The handwriting is deplorable:


Head, Neck, Body: Feminine, low set (neck?), deep (sitting?) shoulder, well formed croup
Score: 7

Legs: Thin below the knees
Score: 8

Gaits: Walk: Energetic, ground covering; Trot: Energetic, needs more (description?) and understep (celeiud?)
Score: 7

Remarks: CI II (?)

Total: 22
So, that's that. I don't know how to interpret any of it, but it's still cool! Also, she was born April 24. Our birthdays are close! I still haven't found out anything about her dam except her pedigree, though I do have a name.

This is all just a fun boredom buster while I'm sick as a dog. And it needs to be done.

Also, any advice on the "black hole"?

EDIT: I did send an email to the SWANA office and we will see what they say!

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