Sunday, July 5, 2009

Well everyone else is talking about her!

Article from Telegraph
Post about her from Behind the Bit
Here she is mentioned in Fugly Horse of the Day
And she even performed at UKs prestigious HOYS show!

Yes, I'm talking about Miss Katie Price, or "Jordan" or whatever she wants to be called. My opinion:

Let her go to the Olympics! I'm sick and tired of hearing "dressage is a stupid sport" or that "it's only for Europeans / Grandmas / The Filthy Rich" (though Katie would fall under that last category, but that is regardless...) and having the Paris Hilton of Great Britain go to the Olympics would bring some much-needed attention to this amazing and artistic sport (at least she's not the real Paris, because then I'd say "forget it" and go back to western. Heck, Anky's doing reining! Not like that's a bad thing...).

But to be honestly honest, were Miss Price actually to go to the Olympics, I would not expect her to get a gold in the Grand Prix Freestyle finals. If she did, I'd be questioning the system - then again, I already am since Isabel Werth won a gold even after her horse reared on her and then spooked during the same freestyle, and isn't it ironic that there was a majority of German judges in there? Hmm? She is a good rider, though, I will say that, just not stunning.

And, if she were to go to the Olympics, she better realize that can't get away with the hair left down or in pigtails and the heavy eyeliner - well, I guess the eyeliner could stay, but my God that has got to be uncomfortable when you're sweating and getting dirt and what-not flown up into your eyes as well. I'm uncomfortable with just having light eyeshadow and mascara on! I wouldn't dream of doing it while sweating and riding a horse! If we have to all follow the rules of dress, so should she.

As for her openly saying that "if you put your mind to it anything is possible" thoughts about the Olympics - saying that if you have the right horse and the right time (she forgot to mention the right amount of money, too!) and the drive that anyone could make it to the Olympics. I agree! Though I'm not driving to be an Olympian, I say damn-skippy if you have the right horse and the right aspirations that you could go for the Olympics! Hilda Gurney got her Olympian equine, and her first horse, as a fall-through-the-cracks Thoroughbred at a shoddy racehorse auction for $1000. Um, what place did she earn at the Olympics again? Oh yeah, that's right, a friggin' bronze! Out of the over-a-hundred competitors that tried for the top-three places in dressage, most of whom probably had far more expensive horses than Miss Gurney's, her off-the-track Thoroughbred got it! She had the right horse and the right drive to get to her goal, and she definitely got it and deserved it!

So, for all of you "hating" on Katie, I can reason with some of your statements, but I do feel that if she wants to try and kick some butt at the Olympics, let her! I know I would if I didn't want to be a stem-cell veterinarian! Plus her line of horse-clothing is kinda cute!

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