Friday, July 31, 2009

It's a love story....

Greta was moved to another pasture today, along with her boyfriend, Mr. Sneaky, one of the lesson horses. They are inseperable: mostly. I can take her away from him, but I can't take him away from her without her throwing something of a royal tantrum. We need to work on that. But otherwise, she is very nice to him, only mildly bossy when food is introduced into the mix. She protects him from the other horses.

It is really cute. At the boarding stable Sneaky used to be kept at, all the horses picked on him, so we got him with some bites here and there. He was still picked on by our "big boys" - the three geldings who have a pasture all to themselves - so we moved him with Greta, thinking he'd get along with the two elderly geldings that Greta was being kept with. Instead he and Greta hooked up. The bites and picking on suddenly stopped, because ain't nobody messes with Greta or anyone affiliated with her. What a mare.

And then Greta met the donkeys, who are in her new pasture. These are the same two donkeys that helped to "tame" my other wild child mare, Claudia. They are very no-nonsense. Their names are Captain Jack Sparrow and Tess: Jack is Tess's son, Jack is 4 and Tess is 8. Jack is quite the character, and Tess just puts up with his antics. Jack can be ridden, but the two are best at keeping the coyote at bay. But both, particularly Jack, are very no-nonsense.

Sneaky decided he'd get down for a roll the minute we put hi in the pasture. Greta wanted to sniff everything in sight, like she likes to do in new situations (wow, shows are going to be a blast!) all the while glancing back over to Sneaky here and there. And then jack thought he'd introduce himself. Senaky was still rolling, and Jack got so close that Sneaky almost whacked him in the head with his back hooves. Jack let out a little "haw!" and backed up. Greta walked over. Sneaky casually got up. Greta stood between Sneaky and Jack. I was thinking "Oh God, don't fight!" but Greta sniffed Jack, let out a mare-ish squeal, and left him. Sneaky followed.

When I came out later in the day, Greta and Jack and Sneaky and Tess were all getting along like old friends. Impressive, Greta. Very impressive.

ILY Greta!

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