Sunday, July 19, 2009

Greta is so much hotter!

We're both still here! The summer heat hasn't fried us entirely, yet......

I was going to say 'Greta is so much cooler' but seeing how it is still in the 100s here in central Texas, "cooler" would be a lovely but inaccurate term.

She is one hot tamale though. She knows she is.

Anyway, we are rejoicing! I am started to get the hang of sitting the trot. Attractively - as in my elbows don't flap around like a chicken - and correctly - as in my elbows don't flap around like a chicken and my heel is aligned with my pelvis is aligned with my shoulder is aligned with the back of my head. Mostly.

I am so proud of my Greta for helping me along the way - as in if I was not sitting correctly, she would not get on the bit and move nicely. She's also learned that I'm not as padded around the haunches as she would like me be for comfort reasons, so she's adapting to that I'm figuring out how to sit in such a way that my aids are still effective, but my butt is still comfortable for both Greta and I. Gosh, it's all so complicated.

To show just how proud I am: I made a video! *applause*

Enjoy. It's even set to the music of the best Bollywood flick ever (I love it because there is no cheezy dance scenes, save during the credits, but even then it's not that bad) Slumdog Millionaire!

I call this video Bre + Greta's "Slumdog Dressagonaire" *groaner*

Oh, and ignore the goofy intro..... it's there for YouTube reasons......

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