Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Pehrsson pics

I got a lovely email from a lady who had come across this blog while looking up info on a stallion at her barn: the one, the only Pehrsson or "Gig"! So she was kind enough to send me an email with some pictures she took of him being ridden at a Dennis Callin clinic back in September. The last picture is from the Caduceus Farm FB page, where Pehrsson has been kept for the past few years. Would you believe he is 23 years old and still in full work as a schoolmaster?!

We have family friends in CO, and that is currently where Gig is being kept. I would love to see Greta's daddy in person one of these days!

Photos from the clinic courtesy of Laura MacKinnon, and last by Caduceus Farm.

Thanks Laura for the kind words and photos! They are greatly appreciated!


  1. Gosh, he is gorgeous and looks fantastic for 23.

    The resemblance is striking.

  2. What a lovely creature! Hisface is so kind. I kinda have a thing for greys and he is beautiful :)

  3. Awesome post :) glad to share the pictures. The rider featured in the clinic pics is the owner of 5 yr old Vogue (SWB) who is one of Gig's offspring as well, however she wasn't sound at the time of the clinic, so Gig came in as the 'backup' (Vogue is now fine, just growing up!).


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