Monday, November 28, 2011

They told her to go to rehab...

... and she's gonna gooooo, go, go!

Yes, Greta got cleared for the start of a rehab program! I thought I had told her that dank stanks and that crack is whack, but she just wouldn't listen.

Kidding. My pony is not a druggie. At least not that I know of....

Our real rehab program, at least for these next four weeks, is going to consist of thirty minutes of walking. Everywhere. I'm so excited.

The vet remarked on how patient I had been and how I actually followed orders and did nothing with Greta but four week stall rest and then 8 week paddock rest. No riding, no longeing, nothing. And I have no problem with this. I have no schedule to upkeep, and even if I did it wouldn't really be a big deal because that schedule would be thrown out the window anyway. No horse, no schedule! Where I got a little shocked was when the vet told me that she has very few clients that actually do this. They usually have already "taken them for a light walk under saddle" or "longed them lightly". And sometimes that ends up blowing up right back in their faces. I feel like teacher's pet right now!

Greta did very well on all her flex tests, had a super-extra pep in her step and was just shy of dragging the poor tech when they trotted her out. I did not realize how long it had been since I had seen Greta's nice, floaty, engaged trot. And when I say long, I mean several months before I even called out a vet to check out her legs and end up spotting the injury in the first place! She is not 100%, but hopefully with these long low-intensity session her suspensory should start on the road to re-strengthening.

So, wish her luck! She was a very good girl, playing up the feminine charm as always. Definitely a Greta Golightly day.

AND, have you heard the news? Robert Whitaker has set a new record for a bareback puissance jump atop Waterstone II. Just a 7 foot/2.12m solid wall, no big deal. And darn good equitation for a bareback puissance jump the whole way too!


  1. YAAAYYY!!! So happy for you and Greta!! And great job following DR.'s orders.

  2. Good girl Greta and good girl YOU. Your patience should pay off tenfold. She is so lucky to have such a patient and loving owner.

  3. Yay Greta! And great job for being so patient! Unfortunately, I've seen people completely ignore the vet's orders and their horses turn out the worst for it, like you said.

  4. That's fantastic! Kudos for sticking with the program.
    And jeez...that is a BIG jump.


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