Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ringing in the Season with "The Small One"

So, I was going through all the LPs and 45s my family pulled down and that I have the task of trying to sell at the super-cool-hippie-pipe-and-record-shop place down the road from my dorm tower (it's huge, and appropriate in a college town!) I went through them all first to see if there were any I wanted (for decoration, as I don't have a turn-table, although I knew at least one song on every album GO ME! I ended up with Will Smith's Parents Just Don't Understand for grins and giggles and Disney's The Jungle Book soundtrack and a Louie Louie record among a few others that will be framed in the flat I will get someday...) AND I stumbled across the soundtrack to the Disney Christmas short from 1978, The Small One.

If you have never seen this, look it up on YouTube and you'll be able to watch the whole 30 minutes of it. It brings a tear or ten to my eye every time, as it's such a sweet story and a wonderful way to ring in the season, even if by accident this time. Whether you're religious or not, you have to admit it's a darn sweet story. I really wish they would show this on TV again. I'd take it over Charlie Brown and Elf any day! I do remember the recent version done by Pixar/Disney of The Little Match Girl was played on TV last year... DEPRESSING! Nothing says Christmas like little kids freezing to death in beautiful animation!

So my holiday movie list: The Small One and A Christmas Story. And then I am complete. Don't worry, I won't shoot my eye out ;)

Bringing back memories, Disney donkey style!

P.S. Greta has her follow-up vet exam Monday morning. Hopefully these three months of lay-up have done her well. She certainly seems to have an extra pep in her step and really wants something to do again. And I have learned my lesson to always give your horse an extended break every now and then. Oh, Greta, it's kind of like Katniss and Peeta in The Hunger Games: "will I ever stop owing you?"

But yes: The Small One. Watch it. Now.


  1. Agree with you on the extended break thing.... wish I woulda done that mid-summer for Gogo in 2009 :/

  2. The small one is one of my all time favorites.


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