Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quote of the Day: Eric Lamaze

“Well, I think that when you have a horse and anyone who has ridden a horse at our level knows that what these horses do for us is incredible… they become part of our family, you know, they really change our life. It’s a sport that we chose because we love it, but it’s also a sport that we chose because we love the animal…. It’s not like breaking a hockey stick or breaking a tennis racket, for us we become very close with this animal and have great respect for they do for us. We’re in the limelight with our horses, but a horse like Hickstead for sure changed my career…. For me he meant everything… It’s not easy to find a horse of the caliber of Hickstead.”
-Eric Lamaze


  1. OMG!! This is so sad. I"m trying not to think about what happened because I might cry and i NEVER cry.

  2. That is quite a photo and quite a horse.


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