Sunday, September 5, 2010

In response to vengeful dodo drivers...

There are some nice places to ride around the stables, but they are lined up next to roads and I always worry about traffic, as little as there is, but I shall explain.

Many cyclists go up and down the roads around the stables (but this is something quite normal for Austin, just ask Lance Armstrong!) so people are on the lookout for them. But even I have had the occasions where I will be driving to the stables and not notice that there is a horse and rider in the grassy area alongside the road until I'm next to them! So I think to myself that if I didn't notice them, would anyone notice me and Greta? Perhaps, because Greta is white and I usually wear light colored breeches and polos. But perhaps not. So it's always been a chance I am not willing to take.

I saw this company's ad in one of my horsey magazines. They're called Don't Shoot Me and initially I thought, "I don't ride in forests or hunting areas, so this doesn't apply to me." And then I realized, so smart of me, that this International Orange color is the same color road workers wear and Lord knows I see them! So this company is genius! Int. Orange saddle pads, quarter sheets, fly veils, rider vests, helmet covers, even stuff for doggie!

They're based in Canada, so everything on the site is in Canadian dollars, so I don't know if they ship to the U.S. BIG bummer if they don't, because I would have no problem saving up money for this stuff. Contrary to Greta's normal "It moved so it's going to eat me so I must run away" attitude, she really does enjoy trail rides. She always takes over and tries to outwalk the other horse to the front of the group. The last trail ride we went on in late December of 2009, she was the only horse that didn't spook! And I like to trail ride, because it's something new for the both of us, and it's good for Greta's fitness and mine too. But since they widened the main road riders walked along, then I've been cautious. But something to wear that's highly visible, plus a buddy, plus some good old fashioned common sense and precautions, would make me feel much better.

Such a good idea!

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  1. I used to live up in MD, and in the fall we almost NEVER went off the property for fear of being shot at. Some folks did have orange vests though, and would wear them when they went out to condition. They were hard to find, though!

    As for DontShootMe, they DO ship to the US, and it's FREE on orders over $100.

    As an alternative, you could make your own. If you're interested in learning how how sew (or if you already know how to), making a quarter sheet for her and a vest for you is pretty simple and inexpensive. LMK if you're interested and we can get together.

  2. We should have a horsey sewing party!!!

    Yeah, I'm probably going to make my own (at least the Quarter Sheet, plus I want to make a functional one for the winter out of a pretty grey/pink plaid 100% wool fabric I found for $15/yd online... I have the same fabric that I'm using to make jacket and it's NICE wool!!!) because it would probably be cheaper. But grandmother (my sewing guru, bless her) and I are calculating prices and seeing if we can find a 200-400D nylon for a cheaper price (I think 600D is a bit much for something that would only be worn for riding lol, and it's not like there's any dense wood to hack through around here haha).

    I'm glad I'm learning how to sew. I've already sewn a cylindrical pillow and a square pillow (HARD!!) and I'm working on making my own dressage jacket (which will nice because I will know I can get the torso and arms long enough without with waist being large like a generic-sized jacket, and I'm doing PURPLE lining to match Greta's show pad! So exciting!) plus the other two jackets and the wool quarter sheet. Knowing how to sew will be SO beneficial come college and beyond.

  3. SO PROUD! I love the way you think of the "What ifs". It is always better to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I think your eye for safety is highly unusual for for your age. That has to be such relief to your Mother. Most people watch their teenagers drive away and worry about them til they come back. I'll bet that your Mother is so happy that she has such a smart, insightful, respectable young lady for a daughter. Keep it up.
    BTW: I love the new video! Greta is such a lucky girl to have you!

  4. Hi Bre and "Sexy Greta" and others!!! I own Don't Shoot Me and I am so happy about your positive comments! Its True!!!... our products are great and very visible. A friend who rides on the road says she cannot believe the difference in the behavior of the drivers since she started wearing the Don't Shoot Me gear. Thanks for writing about us!!!! Jane Hyndman Red Leaf Brand Inc., and

  5. Hi Jane! Thank YOU for offering the products! I hope to get at least the vest and quarter sheet soon! They will be perfect!

  6. @Anon: Thanks! My car is so small that I HAVE to be a defensive driver haha!


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