Thursday, September 9, 2010

Greta, we need to take scuba diving lessons.

So I have just undergone going three days without seeing my girl. Now I know how other girls feel when they go for three days without their boy or their best friend. It's awful!

She seemed quite happy to see me though, judging by the whicker she gave me when I came around the corner and how well-behaved she was when I took her out.

So my part of Texas and the stables got about 15" of rain over the past three days. Wow. You know what follows 15" of rain over a short period of time in a place that accustomed to that amount over the course of a year? How about flash floods and mass destruction?

Well, we probably get more than 15" over a year.... but it doesn't always seem like that haha.

Thankfully, the stables, which has a small dry creek running through it (and probably helped a lot with drainage even though it flowed over both of the bridges that cross it, but it's gone down to a full but now manageable level) had damage (the nice rock road is now lumpy and bumpy, the covered arena is soup, some of the sand drained from the outdoor arena - no riding for perhaps a week - and a telephone pole got moved 25 feet! But it's been unwired and taken down so it's not a safety hazard anymore) but all of the horses are fine. The horses have all been well taken care of, and I feel so fortunate that Greta's at a place where I don't have to worry too much even in this crazy weather.

She was fine when I went out to visit her. My dear grandmother and I groomed her and cleaned her stall a second time, and I walked and trotted her up and down the barn aisle and stretched her legs to get her moving. When we walked we worked on a shortened walk and an extended walk. She aced it. Such a good girl with such wonderful ground manners!

It is crazy to drive through a normally dry town and see water marks from the night before where water was pouring from people's doors, and now all of their furniture is out in the street and lawn drying, if it could be saved. A street still has water flowing down it like a makeshift river. Storm drains are still gushing water because the drainage system could not hold all of it. One of the bridges in the neighborhood still has about a foot of water flowing over it, when normally the creek is about twelve feet under it. It was like a maze to even get around town yesterday, because some parts were flooded (and people still driving through! Not me!) and some parts were closed off by police because it was too dangerous further down the way. I even encountered a utility shed, car, and boat that had been washed down the way and was blocking a road. And it's even crazier now because it's bright and sunny (and humid) outside now, and the rain stopped midday yesterday! It's back up to being 90, but to think that only a month ago when it was 90 we hadn't had rain for almost a month! I never thought I'd actually be done in with seeing water!

Well, Texas begged for rain. We got Haphazard Hermine. Yeehaw.


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