Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today was a wonderful day (save for finding out about an big fix-it bill for my car. Boo. Hiss.)
So wonderful, in fact, that I shall have to present to you in list format:
  1. Greta has gone down from a 3/3 lameness upon inital diagnosis, to 2/3, to officially 1/3 today. We are cleared for trotting (5 mins total over the next 4 weeks, and then we can move to 5 mins per week for another 4 weeks, and so on.)
  2. There was no vet tech to trot Greta out for the vet, so it was up to me, and Greta decided today would be a most opportune day to show off her fabulous trotting out skills, ground manners, and ground tying while the vet the showed me what her LH medial suspensory should feel like when I palpate it. Awesome horse. Even the vet commented on how much she loved her :)
  3. I rode a fun little booger named Oliver today (AKA Oliver Cromwell, Ollie C, DJ Ollie C, or simply Ollie) who is not really little but a big 16 h QH bred for reining. He is a stellar dressage dude, once you get past the very strong in the bit part (he points out rider error most effectively) and just an overall sweetie and a fun ride. He's being brought back into work after a month long break (the holidays are busy!)
  4. I forgot to check the girth before mounting up, and pretty much did the whole ride (walk, trot, canter, canter in two-point, cantering over poles, etc.) on a very loose girth. As in, Laura could get her whole hand through it. And I did not notice until she pointed it out after the ride. Rider knowledge FAIL. Rider balance and saddle fit WIN.
  5. I might be riding in the CAQHA (ATX QH association, whom the barn owner is prez of) first show of the year on the 21st. Most likely in hunter U/S and hunter eq, just for funsies, on Butters or Ollie. Might even take Ollie out as his first show experience. We will see. Heck, I might even be taking Ollie out to several H/J shows this spring, if things fall into place nicely.
  6. On a final note... did I mention GRETA IS A FREAKY HEALING BEAST? Patience is a virtue, and it has totally paid off. I love my pony :)
  7. I love my pony.
  8. Oh, yeah, I love my pony.
  9. I'm sorry, I think I forgot to mention I love my pony.
  10. I love my ponyponyponypony.
  11. Sorry, is that getting a bit obnoxious? I just felt I needed to even things out to 11. Which is not an even number. Deal with it.
Hope everyone is having a decent-to-good-to-great start to their new year! I will finish up the Traditional Dress bit soon. Also, I see War Horse tomorrow, so I will let y'all know if it is as good or as bad as people say (I'm hearing both haha!)


  1. Wooo!
    Go Greta! Fantastic news.
    I'd love to see photos of this Ollie. He sounds lovely!

  2. YEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by the way you obviously DON'T love the pony enough.....for shameeeee


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