Monday, October 17, 2011

The game plan + question for the readers

I'm very glad I have been taking periodic pictures of Greta's fetlock. When I looked at her today I temporarily sank into despair that it had not gotten any better, until I looked at photos from a day after the initial diagnosis. She is on 24/7 turnout in a small paddock all to herself, and she was actually overtracking when she walked today, plus the swelling seems to be less than I thought it was. I have not seen her do that in a while!

Anyway, I needed to write down a game plan so I can feel better about continuing treatment:

1) lots of rest
2) corrective trimming: farrier is going to work with the vet and we're going to try to fix up the back feet in a way so she's not landing so toe-first and she is not sinking on her suspensory and is not so stiff in the hind end in general. I can barely stand to see her walk it freaks me out so much. I'm hoping it's just as the vet said: "If you stare at a horse too long you WILL find lameness!" haha
3) Vet comes out again on November 16th. She mentioned that some additions to the rehab regimen may be injections, and maybe even some chiro or massage work to make for the compensation in her hips and lower back.

Now, a question for the readers:

Have any of y'all ever heard of or have tried the Iconoclast Rehabilitation Boots? They sound really promising and have some great development behind them, and they will be cleared with the vet and farrier as well, but I want to try and accumulate as many opinions as possible.

Secondly, any opinions on RecoveryEQ?

Thanks guys!

My girl really worries me every now and then.

Pony is very happy to no longer be in a stall. She craves freedom!


  1. I cannot help you with your questions. I am not very experienced in the lameness area. I just want you to know I am wishing and hoping for a quick recovery for Miss Greta.


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Thanks guys!