Monday, October 10, 2011

For Andrea, Part 1

Okay, this is going to be a tearjerker, I'm crying right now as I type this. I know many of us have followed Andrea and Gogo from the start, or close to it, and have cheered them on as they proved that barefoot horses can do anything and later that they can make it through a nasty injury. Sadly, all good stories must come to an end, and not all ends are as happy as a Disney film.

I was watching Up the other night, because my roommate was out so I knew I could cry my eyes out in privacy, and could not help but think of Andrea and Gogo when I saw the scene above.

Andrea, I just cannot even being to fathom the heartbreak you are going through right now. All good things come to an end. And Gogo was more than just "a good thing". Gogo was a special mare, a partner, a friend. To lose someone like that is devastating. You cannot know how it feels until you feel it yourself.

Andrea, you have done the absolute best for a mare who is the absolute best. You know it is her time. You can see it in her eyes, in the way she carries herself. You love her enough to let her be free.

So know this: think of all the good times with Gogo. It was an adventure, even if it ended too soon. You two proved something to the world, and had a fantastic time all the while. You conquered mountains. You had an adventure.

And, while I cannot say I can speak for Gogo, I am beyond sure she does not want the adventure to end here. All you two have done, all you have achieved and learned, and all that Gogo has brought you will prepare you for your next adventure, whatever it may be.

And know that Gogo, deep in your heart and soul, will be watching over you every step of the way as you watched over her.


  1. A lovely sentiment. I think about Andrea and Gogo quite a bit, up here in NJ. I wish things were different, but you did a fine job embracing the peace which the mare deserves.

    Up was kind of a downer; I do not think I will watch it again. I want Disney endings, because, as you said, real life doesn't always have them.


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