Thursday, September 29, 2011

Story of my life...

I'd never thought I'd ever say this... but I think I've reached that point where I've fallen off enough times that I don't tense up but just let myself off. Today though, if I had not been wearing a helmet, I might have actually hurt myself. Always wear your helmet, children!

I've been riding a fabulous Dutch WB gelding, even if only at the walk and a few steps of trot because he is in prolonged rehab for multiple suspensory injuries bless him, and he has had his saddle re-flocked this past week so I have been riding him bareback. Asked him for his routine few steps of trot, and I could feel him getting excited about being ready to trot. And he has a big trot. So I just kind of bounced off him, very embarassing. Thankfully nobody saw and nobody was hurt. And he was staring at me like he did something wrong, and I assured that life was good and I just got back on him, and he was okay. I will work on sitting his trot (which I can do in a saddle) once he saddle gets back :)

Greta has these fabulous new thing from Back On Track called Quick Wraps! I put some Sore No More on underneath them and so far they seem to be working, slowly but steadily. I'm taking pictures once a week for comparison. Today they just seemed to be better. Once she gets back to riding, I will start wrapping her back legs for extra support as a kind of prevention method. Yay for my girlie!

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