Sunday, May 9, 2010

Greta Vidder 5-8-10

Critique and advice is always appreciated.

Goals for 2010:
  1. Do one nice Intro level test
  2. Training Level schooling goals
  • Develop a nice, controlled canter (getting there, as you can see in the video!)
  • Enough of the wither-riding hands!
  • Maintain a nice, steady trot with consistent aids
  • Calm attitude
  • Work on the halt!!

She has been a total sweetheart lately, always wants to snuggle and check on me in the tack room, and we just keep progressing every ride. We got a comment from our trainer Thursday after seeing her canter, saying, "Wow! And this used to be the horse that used to run for the roses?" We both agree, Greta and I have come quite a ways.

Today I rode her bareback, did a nice trot, and gave cantering a go. First time cantering on her bareback. Ever. Very wonky, but at least I didn't fall off, right?

Not much else to type about. It's been the same old, same old. We will have another Wolfgang Clinic on the 16th. I believe Greta has just come out of a little heat, and if not, then I feel confident I'll handle things well. The one she was in a month ago, when we had to cancel on the last Wolfgang clinic, she was definitely in a breeding heat. The girl wanted to have babies. Don't get ahead of yourself, Greta....

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