Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A quick little blip on my craziness and PICTURES!

You know something is wrong with you when...

You get excited because you see a cute shirt that perfectly matches one of your saddle pads. AND it's at WalMart.

Your savings almost never make it to something that is for YOU. Unless you count something for your horse as something for you.

You hear a sweet love song on the radio and instantly think of you and your pony.

You hear a catchy song on the radio and immediately concoct a dressage freestyle in your head to it. I'm pushing for "Bulletproof" by La Roux. Anyone? Maybe some Lady Gaga?

You hear a clever phrase or like a character in a movie and immediately change your horse's show name to that name as soon as you get the chance. BTW Greta now has a permanent, un-tentative show name: Greta Golightly. Do I hear Breakfast at Tiffany's, anyone?

And lastly, you definitely know something is wrong with you when your classmates have to stop somebody from asking you about your horse when they see a picture of you riding your horse in the clear insert of your pencil/crumpled-up bad report card/eraser/pen/junk bag. And I mean stop as in one of your classmates cries out, "DON'T ASK HER ABOUT GRETA!!! She will NEVER stop!!!" and then proceed to shove your pencil bag back into your schoolbag even though you still needed to get a pen out of it, and you stare blankly at them because now you have to inconveniently get the pencil bag out again. THAT's when you know something is wrong with you.

Oh, what a life!

Oh, and Pictures! The first three are from galloping in one of the pasture Sunday. My friend and I just took a quick run once around the pasture and then did some schooling. It was fun!

The last are from earlier Sunday. Greta was very enthusiastic to see me. And then her ears did some funky moves in the last two pictures. Made me laugh!!!


  1. Something is definitely wrong with me too! When I talk about my horses, my friend's eyes glaze over and I think they nap. :)

    Greta is beautiful... sounds like you and she have created quite a bond over the last year. There's nothing quite as special, is there?

  2. Even at 31 I feel the horse crazy teenager sneaking into my adult instructor nicknamed me Strawberry Shortcake because I dress like I am 5 at the barn and strictly wear pigtales...I am thinking the mare's show name might have to be Punky Brewster or Small Wonder, after tv shows I grew up with!

    ps. most recent freestyle song obsession Passion Pit's "sleepyhead"...listen to it, you'll see why!

  3. Horse Crazy never leaves some of us. I know my parents wished it was just a phase, but 18 years after my first riding lesson... all the money and the time goes to 'baby' (read: big grey horse).

  4. Lady Gaga is really good for freestyle-scheming. Especially Telephone. I WANT TO DO A FREESTYLE TO THAT SONG.

  5. Thanks for reading guys!

    @in2paints: yes, same glazing-over here! I get so excited, and then I realize, "Oh yeah, they're not into the same things I'm into..... awkward........" Thanks on Greta. She is my beautiful sweetheart.

    @Niamh: Do "Punky Brewster"!!! That is too cute! And "Sleepyhead" is a personal favorite! I couldn't do it for Greta, because the beat is just a bit too powerful for her gaits. But somebody needs do a freestyle to that song! It is so catchy!

    @Rachel: Same here, riding was just supposed another phase like ballet (one year), soccer (3 months), tennis (2 months) or karate (on and off, no more than a month each time!) But no, I stuck with it! I think it's been 10 years for me now? I would spend my money on Granite too! He sounds like an awesome horse! He is super gorgeous, too!

    @Meghan: YES! We should start a coalition trying to get upper-level riders do rides to some pop songs. Who knows, we might be able to get Lady Gaga herself to a song for a rider....

  6. Very cute post and I completely agree. The horse craziness is incurable, no matter your age. My teacher is totally horse crazy too. Sometimes when she is explaining something to me she will just stop and give my horse a kiss, right on the soft part above his eye.
    Horses = Love.

  7. Awww!! Horses do equal love <3


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