Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lesson and Other Things...

I've been out, but now I'm back in! Lately it's been school, and if not school then homework or riding. Some days it seems like the stable is like a reward for going to school and not the stable! But I wouldn't do that, because I've got this darned old thing called veterinary aspirations I need to maintain! Gee whiz!

I do ride consistently though, almost every day of the week. Greta has been doing very well, and as you can see from the video (if you can see it that well LOL) she is looking GORGEOUS! And, and out canter has improved! We also gave a short bout of sitting the trot on the long side of the arena a go on Thursday, and she really rounded up and I felt that "scoop" seat that my instructor was describing to us when we sit the trot and canter, and the walk too. Instead of bobbing up and down, you gotta go with that circular motion the horse makes, which feels almost like a "scooping" action, so that's where "scoop" came from. But that was, like, once in the lesson. It was still pretty cool. We also did a canter practice, and that went well. Her canter has definitely improved. It's far more collected, and she's starting to get on the bit here and there. It's hard to tell in the video, as she looked really good just when we were going behind the two other riders (I like a having a group of three now btw!)

Greta, as usual, is super sweet, and since we've been doing the yielding the haunches exercises, she has been very focused on the ground and under saddle, and she seems to be a lot sweeter now that she seems to realize she doesn't have to worry about everything. Cute girl.

I will be getting up at 4:30 tomorrow morning to scribe dressage for an eventing show two hours away that several of my instructors students will be riding in. One is up to training now! Go her! I'm excited!

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