Saturday, March 5, 2011

This is Miss Golightly

Hello, subjects. This is I, the fairest pony of them all, the queen of the barn, she from which you shall not steal hay, the inspiration for "Tiny Dancer".................. I digress....

I decided I needed to get in on the latest methods of spreading my love to the world, so I demanded Bre to set up a "Facebook" page for me. When I realized my face would not be on a book, I was a bit disappointed, but I continued on. I will have one comment or link per day, and it will be amazing, and I will rule the world. Once again, I shall demand Bre to translate these and put them on the "facebook". And I will rule the world.

Here is the "link". Now proceed to go to it. Do it.

Also, you may now "e-mail" me with whatever may come across your human mind at

Now you may continue about your human lives :)

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  1. wooh, i think both me and oscar will be adding you miss greta ;)


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