Saturday, February 5, 2011

Horses make ads better...

... especially when the whole horse is shown :( I really do want to see the rest of that pony, though, it looks like a nice, GREY, chunky-monkey kind of horse (I love those kinds). I don't even wanna buy the perfume, I just want to see the rest of that pretty horse.


  1. Those are the ads I find most annoying. LOL

  2. Dom: yes, they are! My favorites, tough, are the Polo and AQHA ads. THOSE are some nice horse-related ads.

    Meghan: LOL!!!! I think she's wearing a dress or an oversized shirt. But you know those models and designers, they can be so scanty!

  3. Uh yeah, the WHOLE horse would make this ad look much much better :)


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