Tuesday, June 22, 2010

That's what you get....

This is what I get when I don't ride the girl for four days due to issues, like (you won't believe this, I know I hardly can) a life outside of the stables.

  1. Greta is a little rusty
  2. The sheep penned near the arena are no longer something she has encountered multiple times and learned to get used to, but HORSE-EATING WOOLLY MUNSTERS! And they will eat her alive with their hay-chewing chompers. Greta told me. She insisted and was quite upset when I told her that they were harmless herbivores. She said, "You lie, Bre! So I will scoot to the inside of the arena! They cannot see me here! HAHA!"
  3. The driveway that we like to cool off by going up and down now has an invisible sign reading "Danger! Turn back NOW!"
Of course, a few new additions were added to both Scary Zones, which would be some random new pile of plywood and pipes on the other property next to the driveway. I could see that being ominously scary. But we're going to just have to get used to that, now aren't we, Greta?

Also, the big manure holder came back so the manure pile has now been moved into that so the manure can be more easily removed. May I say manure one more time? This is on the Scary Sheep end of the arena (far off though, it's not like Greta nor the sheep are near waste products, too unsanitary for Miss Greta!) But it still new, and far off, so Greta can't get a good look at it. And if she can't get a good look at it, then she won't go near it. Of course, she might just be thinking, "EWW! Horse poopies! I'm not going near that!"

So, first I made her go near Woolly Munsters and now a manure pile? What kind of sick, inane person am I?

So today's ride could have been better, and now that I know what to expect, I will be prepared tomorrow.

Also, we have just been introduced to trot lengthenings. And boy do they look ugly right now! But like everything else Greta and I have been through, practice makes perfect and there is always a tomorrow!

Yay for tomorrows! And for going forward into First Level movements!

(As cringing as they may look right now haha)

In all seriousness though, it could be much worse. Greta was very good tacking and untacking though. She even stood without a halter the entire time we were untacking. She rested her head on my back when I went to get her front hooves. She peeked her head into the tack room occasionally like, "Whatchya doooooin'?"

I love my Greta Goober :)

Things will only get better!!!

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