Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The wild child's mane has finally been pulled! I have tried the actual pulling comb way, but she would not have it. And honestly, I don't blame her. Having your hair ripped out of your scalp doesn't sound like a fine time to me. So I hit up handy dandy Google, and I have now resorted to the SoloComb and QuicBraid. Oh yeah.

But it's actually working quite well. The QuicBraid smells like Playdough, though....

It looks uneven in the picture, but that's the angle she has her head turned. It really is even. She likes to watch me like that when I'm tacking up, because if it's not tack in my hand it's usually treats... or the hoofpick and brush. She's my cute little stalker!

Our ride today was really good. I'm hoping to get some footage of us in the outdoor arena tomorrow, just for kicks. And she surprised me when she actually hung around for a bit when I turned her out, just snuggling. Gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling :)

Don't you just love her freckles? And that big splotch of them on her barrel? I think it's adoro!


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Thanks guys!